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Black jack game for iPhone & iPad

The ultimate casino experience.

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Play black jack a new way by switching between two game modes:

♣ TRAINING MODE Improve your strategy by choosing your casino rules, initial bankroll and bet limits.
♣ CHALLENGE MODE Try to win 10,000 chips starting with only 50!

The dealer understands your gestures

When playing BlackJack, it's better focusing on the cards! With BlackJack Challenge, simply use intuitive gestures to tell the dealer your decisions, just as you'd do at the casino. You can play up to three hands at a time.

Gestures support
Sharp and immersive

Cutting-edge graphics, immersive sounds

BlackJack Challenge features clear retina graphics and simple but efficient animations and sounds so you can dive into the game quickly.

Game screens and visual effects are optimized for iOS 8 & 9.

The game is available in English & French.

The app is compatible with all iPad and iPhone models from 4 to latest 6S.

Customizable rules

As the game rules may change from a country to another, BlackJack Challenge lets you choose among several game settings so you can easily match the rules of your favorite casino tables. These game features are fully customizable:

  • Number of decks (from 1 to 10)
  • H17 / S17 for the dealer hand
  • Hole card / No hole card
  • Double on 9-10-11 only
  • Double After Split allowed / forbidden
  • Late Surrender allowed (in Training mode)
  • Maximum resplits (from 0 to 3)
  • Initial bankroll (from 50 to 10,000)
  • Minimum - maximum bet (from 2 to 5,000)
  • Board color (green, blue, red or purple)
Customizable game settings

BlackJack Challenge automatically uses your local currency for figures.

PRO Features

Statistics dashboard

Blackjack Challenge offers PRO features (IAP) to advanced users for improving training mode:

  • Choice of number of decks (from 1 to 10)
  • Game penetration setting (from CSM simulation to 80%)
  • Counting strategy choice (7 options)

PRO features also include a statistics dashboard to help you analyse your game and results:

  • Win / loose ratio
  • Busted hands, blackjacks, split and doubled hands
  • Bankroll & bets variations for the two game modes

PRO version is free of ads.