Flamme Rouge App

Board game assistant

Flamme Rouge Companion is a companion app for the famous board game created by Asger Harding Granerud.

Flamme Rouge Companion is free
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Get ready for the Grand Tour

Made to let you enjoy playing several stages in a row (a "Grand Tour"), by tracking times and points for your teams & riders.

Following the Grand Tour rules approved by the game author (see PDF EN | FR), the app makes time computation and points calculation a piece of cake.

Flamme Rouge App
Flamme Rouge Companion Stages Features

Pick up a stage or design your own New

Flamme Rouge Companion includes more than 25 stages "cards" (official stages + players' contributions) you can choose from...

The app also features a stage editor so you can design and save your own tracks!

Flamme Rouge and Flamme Rouge Peloton

Useful links / feedback

Flamme Rouge and its expansion Peloton are published by Lautapelit and Gigamic.

For any feedback or suggestion, please join this thread at BGG.
For any bug report, please email me with details (steps to reproduce, app version, device and OS).

Let's talk about the game / app on Twitter!